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Actually having only recently just finished Lomas & Knight's The Hiram Key, I've become semi-acquainted with the idea of Jesus the Christ having escaped the crucifiction in some manner or another. There seems to be something fascinating about the idea of the Big C pulling a grand Houdini on all of History. It's the ultimate issue of Marvel Comic's What If...?. What if the Son of God found himself a stunt double to do hang time for humanity's sins? A tale of two Pharmakos if you will.

Personally I try to treat the myriad theories, histories, conspiracies and philosophies (what few I can safely profess to understanding adequately) I encounter on a probability scale operating between the extremes of true/not true or is/not is. A method I picked up in an old Robert Anton Wilson book to be honest (forget which one though, sorry).

So did the real Jesus escape his date with fate on Cavalry Hill only to slip away from the Middle East to the Far East? Settling down in rural Japan somewhere to live to a ripe old age of 106? I'd say it's... possible, but remotely so, on a hundred sided dice you'd probably have to roll a one and a couple of times at that.

But it's between the tight squeeze of that infintisimal chance that our imagination is pinned with its possibilites. If every option splinters into its own universe, its own actualized paradigm, then yes... Jesus was indeed chilling like m'man John Blackthorne at the end of Shōgun. Nothing is impossible when traveling through the wilds of the multiverse. In fact why stop there? I'm sure there's one reality where Jesus has to battle all manner of radioactive Kaiju. He's fifty feet tall and appears whenever small Japanese school children chant his name backwards in a sing-song fashion.

"We love you Omega-Jesus Prime!" they yell at the end of the battle as fifty foot Jesus winks back at them from the ruins of a smoldering Osaka.

Actually one of my favorite parts of the Hiram Key was their description of Jesus, based purportedly on the Wanted Posters the Roman Authorities were distributing for his arrest. He's somewhere around 5'6" - 5'4", hunchbacked, bushy bearded and unibrowed. Not quite the handsome fellow they have hanging up half naked in God Fearing Homes and Churches across the world now is it? Yeah that's right, we're talking Caveman Jesus here!

Which might explain his pendacity to hanging out with prostitutes, sacred or otherwise... but I digress.

So that means there might be a possibility that a hunchbacked, unibrowed Cave Jesus found his way to settled down in the Land of the Rising Sun and found the peace on this earth that his Father had so cruelly planned to deny him.
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To all you Pagan Priests and Priestess out there (Neo, classical & postmodern alike), to all you Wiccan Witches of the West, to all you summer time ritual arsonists, freelance Thelemites, arm chair occultists & sigil dabblers, to those concerned and to those who Know: Have a wonderful, magickal, sex, drug & alcohol filled...

Litha! MidSummer! World Humanist Day! Gathering Day! Day of Cerridwen and Her Cauldron! Alban Heruin or for the Anglo-Saxon inclined... Alban Hefin! Vestalia! Caledonii! All-Couple's Day! St. John's Day! Juhannus! La Festa dell'Estate! Līgo Svētki! Midsommarstång! Feill-Sheathain! Along with a very Happy Birthday to Jean-Paul Sartre and a bow of the head to her royal majesty, on this most sacred day dedicated to her grace... the faery goddess Aine of Knockaine!

"Captain of our fairy band,
Helena is here at hand;
And the youth, mistook by me,
Pleading for a lover's fee.
Shall we their fond pageant see?
Lord, what fools these mortals be"
William Shakespeare
A Midsummer Night's Dream, Act III,scene II

"…marry in the month of May
most surely you will rue the day.
Marry in June when roses grow
And happiness you'll always know…"
English nursery rhyme attributed to ancient Celtic fertility rites

"I celebrate the noon of Summer with this rite
held in honor of the Blazing God of the Sun.
All of nature vibrates with the fertile energies of the Goddess and the God.
The Earth is bathed with the warmth, and light and life of the Sun.
The Wheel of the Year turns again.
Today the Sun is high, the Light is bright, the Earth is warm.
As the Lord of the Sun blazes above,
the Fires of my celebration shall flame below."
Opening of the Apythia Litha Ritual


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