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Birthdate:Mar 27
Location:Georgia, United States of America
Hello and welcome to...

This week, from October 24th til Samhain, I'll be doing a little somethind different...

What's the Coffin Hop you ask?

It's a web tour de force of some of the most talented, scariest and down right deranged authors to be haunting the blogosphere as they celebrate all things Halloween! I'll be participating with the debut of my zombie serial narrative - 'Ride!' - and we'll end the week with a special contest where I'll be giving away to lucky contestants an autographed copy of my debut novel 'High Midnight'. And in the meantime check in on the good ghouls over at the Coffin Hop for more thrills & frights!

About the Author: Before being gainfully employed as a mild mannered bureaucrat toiling mindlessly in the bowels of one of Corporate America's numerous cube farms, Jack Babalon was haunted by dreams of becoming an author. Envisioning a lush life of sleeping in until noon, courting delightfully sordid muses and growing a thick nicotine stained beard, he decided that the recent economic downturn was as good a time as any to quit his steady day-job in order to write the Great American Novel. He has had no regrets in pursuing this new occupation save having to subsist on a steady diet of Ramen Noodles, Little Debbie snack cakes and copious amounts of Jack Daniels.

His first novel, High Midnight, a Gonzo Pulp Western for the 21st Century - is out now from Dark Moon Books and available online here.

"Only in the irrational and unknown direction can we come to wisdom again."
-Jack Parsons, 1946

"what makes a man a writer?"
"well," I said, "it's simple, it's either you
get it down on paper or you jump off a bridge.
writers are desperate people and when they stop
being desperate they stop being writers."
"are you desperate?"
"I don't know..."

-Charles Bukowski,What Makes?

"Humanity i love you because you
are perpetually putting the secret of
life in your pants and forgetting
it's there and sitting down
on it

and because you are
forever making poems in the lap
of death Humanity

i hate you"

-E E Cummings,Humanity I love you

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