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Kseniya Simonova is the winner of Ukraine's version of America's Got Talent, an artist whose medium is a dazzling multi-media mix of sand painting, music and light to create truly staggering works of beauty and heart-break.

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Last Stand

I know it's silly but this picture just reminds me of all those kick-ass run around games I'd play with my friends after school. We had all just seen the original Night of the Living Dead the night before (on MTV of all places) and decided to make a fort in the playground right next to PS 21 the next day. I believe the jist of it was something like we had to hold out in the playground against a horde of zombies before a helicopter would rescue us (conveniently around 6 o'clock when we all had to be home for dinner).

Twenty five years later and I still play zombie games in my head - whether riding my bike through downtown while pretending to weave through a mob of the living dead or visiting a friends pad and wondering to myself how secure it would be against a full on assault against a full on Zed Contagion.

Oh well back to the real world I suppose.
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Your result for What Your Taste in Art Says About You Test...

Extroverted, Progressive, and Intelligent

24 Cubist, -5 Islamic, 3 Ukiyo-e, -19 Impressionist, 2 Abstract and -21 Renaissance!

Cubism was a 20th century avant-garde movement, pioneered by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. It revolutionized European art and inspired changes in music and literature. The first branch of cubism, known as Analytic Cubism. It was both radical and influential as a short but highly significant art movement between 1908 and 1911 mainly in France. In its second phase, Synthetic Cubism, (using synthetic materials in the art) the movement spread and remained vital until around 1919.

People that chose Cubist paintings as their favorite art form tend to be very individualized people. They are more extroverted and less afraid of speaking their opinions then other people. They tend to be progressive and are very forward thinking. As the cubist painting is like looking into a shattered mirror where you can see different angles of the images, the people that prefer these paintings like looking at all angles of a problem. These people are intelligent and they are the transformers of our generation. They look beyond what is seen into what things could become. They are ready to leave the ideas of the past behind and look at what the future has to offer.

Take What Your Taste in Art Says About You Test at HelloQuizzy

Well I don't know if this is completely accurate (though I do love Cubism in theory and Dada in practice). However I find that, artistically speaking, that I have a proclivity for the lonely vigils of Edward Hoppper, the lush curves of a fine Rubens woman, the frozen moan of Bernini's The Ecstasy of St. Teresa, the vivid dreamscapes of Max Ernst, the brooding shadows of a de Chirico (Mystery and Melancholy of a Street being perhaps my favorite interpretation of the Hermit card in the tarot), the miasma of psychic portals that only a fine Rothko can open (meditate long enough on one and see what comes out!) and of course the over-the-top machismo of 50's Men's Adventure magazines and the uber-detailed wide screen superheroic sensibilities of George Perez... who in the space of a single comic book could make me believe superheroes could exist.

Not sure what that would actually say about me though - pretentious, geeky and introspective maybe?
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Hands down one of my favorite artists ever - Paul Laffoley comes across to me as a sort of Ernst Haeckel of the 20th century metaconscious - offering us the sheer visionary power of a mystic as channeled through the meticulous eye of a trained naturalist. The piece below the cut is his dedication to the pioneers of what we might term the literature of the fantastic (Poe, Verne, Wells and Marcuse) - but in fact comes off to me as a sort of mandala-beacon, one that might be used to summon the spirit of Robur the Conqueror (possibly the greatest 'Science Villain' of the Victorian Age) - as the piece below is inscribed with the ominous invocation - "I ROBUR MASTER OF THE WORLD PRESENT THE ARCHITECTURE OF TRANSFORMATION AS THE SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM OF A WORLD FACED WITH CONTINOUS CHANGE AND THE GROWING POSSIBILITY OF ULTIMATE DOOM...". It sort of says to me, look to the sky for your salvation, but do not think you will see the descending of angels... but rather the return of the mad scientists gathering high above the cities of the world in a murder of air-ships.

At the bottom of this painting is inscribed the following quote, attributed to the Le Comte de St Germain - "May life become increasingly complex". It sort of sums up how I feel about Paul Laffoley in general.


For more information on Paul Laffoley visit his web address here.
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Luigi Serafini
excerpt from the Codex Seraphinianus

The Codex Seraphinianus seems to have been plucked from a library straight out of Borges own Orbis Tertius and smuggled/channeled into our own reality by the Italian architect Luigi Serafini in the late 70's (probably around the time Philip K Dick and Robert Anton Wilson were receiving telepathic e-mails from the Dog Star Sirius). The Codex serves as an encyclopedia from an alien civilization, richly illustrated and written in what appears to be an artificial language by Serafini. The Codex is broken down into eleven chapters (eleven being a highly magickal number I'm told) that cover a variety of subjects pertaining to this planets/dimensions indigenous lifeforms, social customs, history, grammar and the fragile inventions that inhabit it.

The codex provides glimpses of a world where couples mate, melt and morph into alligators (perhaps the most recognizable image from the tome), where mushroom helmeted bio-tailors fashion suits of skin for waiting skeletons and my personal favorite, where handguns are built into the wrists of (presumably) officers of the planets military caste.

However the real mystery for me is how I haven't heard of the Codex Seraphinianus before now?

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Ah, the French... who else could navigate the delicate aesthetic balance between Alex Grey and full-on Hentai Penistude to create a safe sex PSA? Behind the cut are the Bronze medal winners to the Cannes International Advertising Festival. To be fair it's not really Hentai... though it is a psychedelic astral-trip of sensual delights. Fun for the entire family... depending on the family of course.


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Over on the corner of Krog, right before you hit the tunnel on your way to Cabbage Town, there is a Martial Arts School that seems to share a building with The Revolutionary Church. They contracted a well known graffiti artist from Miami to throw up a mural displaying zombies, xenomorphs, skeletons and some of the most intricately woven tags I've ever had the pleasure of running across. The Police one I start off with however is hidden away a few blocks away in the depths of neighboring wino country.


Happy Shark

Martial Arts Training

chew the scenery
More behind the cut )
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Luke Brown

His art reminds me a little of Alex Gray's work. Only where Gray's vision seems to manifest itself primarily in vibrant red tones of body heat, providing the viewer with a sort of infravision snapshot of the lattice of the human nervous system weaving itself through the chakras of his subject, Brown seems to delve instead into cooler shades of cobolt blue and tropical green to breathe life into his fractal panthenon . Also where as Gray seems to be x-ray portraits of pilgrims burning in religious rapture, Brown seems to give us a glimpse of those malleable archetypes the mystic will encounter once those flames have been extinquished. Perhaps Gray is the alchemical fire to Brown's water. The Worshipper and the God Form. Funny (to me at least) that both their names are both such neutral earth tones though.

Anyway check out his site over at Spectral Eyes if you haven't already.

Relaxing now after bike riding across a sunny, windy day. Going to soak in the opulence of the Witch House for a bit. Shower and a spinach salad dinner. Feeling better. No complaints.
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This made my day:)

Signifier & Signified
Brandon Bird, 2006
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Good Night, LJ!
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Nymphs and Satyr
~Adolphe-William Bouguereau, 1873
oil on canvas
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Vernada (L) & Tide (R)
Yuri Moriguchi
From an article located here
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Which Homeric character are you?


You are that man skilled in all ways of contending, the wanderer, the beggar-turned-king Odysseus. You're a pacifist at heart but a warrior in spirit, and there's just 'nobody' tricksier than you! Hey, watch it with that stick - you're going to put someone's eye out. Put a GPS on your Christmas list, because otherwise, who knows when you'll find your way home?

Personality Test Results

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Brought to you by YouThink.com quizzes and personality tests.

Feast of the Nymph Calypso for Odysseus by Jan Brueghel the Elder (with Hendrick de Clerck) ca. 1616

I too have found myself playing the role of sailor, adventurer, liar and lover to witches, nymphs, goddesses, princesses all in my long search for that one true queen that I will one day call home. Until then I am tied to the mast of my resolve - unable to deny myself either the Sirens song nor the sweet oblivion they promise from their treacherous shores.

~From my favorite movie of all time O Brother Where Art Thou, one of the best adaptions of the Odyssey to date.

*-The last lyrics of Dead Can Dance's Just Like Uylsses
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This is one of my favorite stories. A true one and a quick one at that. I'll try to tell it as best as I can remember it.

When Paris was occupied by the Nazis in 1940, the German Officers would frequent the studio of a well known anti-facist painter, Pablo Picasso for 'spot inspections'. When the officers came by for their weekly visit Picasso would offer each of them a print of his most famous painting, "Guernica". When the officers would smirk and ask him "Did you do this?" he would give them a quick smile and say -

"No, you did!"

Got a call from the folks from Madrid. Mom told me, through the static and the distance that she finally got to see Guernica. She told me she cried when she stepped through the gallery and came face to face with the what some will say is the painting of the 20th century.
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I kinda dig the whole H. Bosch meets F.Rops vibe he's got going on in his work. He seems to be of that school of eroticism that specializes in dream like carnival orgies that just screams with a sort of vamp surrealismo that you either adore for its exuberance or loathe for its pretension.

Click here for a gallery of his work.
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Icon II (Siddhartha Gotama in gas mask)
~Samuel F Stimpert
bronze, steel, iron, fabric

Icon II (detail)
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Birthday Kiss
(Oil on wood 7x8), 2006
~Audrey Kawasaki

Stumbled onto her site quite by accident really (perpetually a drunken sailor dancing a zig-zag-jig down the galleries of the internet). What I really love about her work is the dreamy abandon on the faces of her subjects combined with the way those subjects seem to materialize out of the wood canvas. The earthtones lend her eroticism a wonderful gravity, at once anchoring an immediate awareness of the twin powers of eros & thanatos in the viewer while at the same time releasing itself through a playfull immediacy as whimsical as it is coquettish.

Highly recommend you check out her portfolio over here.
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Sexy, sweet and silly all at the same time. What else could I ask for?

Check out more : Here

My favorite: Cute but Slightly NWS )


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