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Terminus Portal

Steel Workers

Metal Man Close Up


Could be better
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Cave Art Messiah

Gentleman Eye

Two gentlemen out for a stroll...


Lux the Light of the Cross

Red City


Pencil in a Bottle

November Moon


"Like the moon left on all night amongst the trees"

Red City 2

Autumn Flash

Cover Photo


Rush Hour

All Dogs Go To Heaven

Pages floating in a tree

The land on which you stand shook...
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The Way Home
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Here they come!

March of the Living Dead

Zombie Family Reunion

The End is Near

Zombie Disposal Unit workin' overtime

Monstrously Lovely

First Responders are always the 1st to go

Rhonda & Baby Zombie

Lil Buddy all dead

Necrotic Fairy Tale

El Torso


Zombie Delivery Girl

Zombie Maid


Post Apocalyptic Zomb Stomp

Zombie Nun
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The Gloom Deluge
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Rocket Raccoon & the Guardians of the Galaxy

Spy v. Spy

Ghostbustin' Blues Brothers

Got Milk?

... as Apple Pie

Zardoz... nothing but Zaaardoz!

Where's Waldo?

Gender Swapped Marvels

Netherworld Rock Monster

And the crowd goes wild

... you're gonna have a bad time

The Inquistion... what do you get!


About the Author
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Victorian Wonder Woman

Game Face

Marilyn Zombie

Metal Fett

Black Note(?)

Doctor Fate


Spider Jerusalem

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Another Terminus Sunday dusk, which is as close to ghost as this town gets. Strolled through Oakland Cemetery amongst the stone angels of Memorial and listened keenly for whatever secrets the silence may have had to offer. I stood on the corner of Auburn and Jackson, sacred ground, beneath the Ebenezer Baptist Church's neon sign looking not for the faith but rather the strength that once boldly drove our city's finest dream. Dabbled in metromancy, as I attempted to divine the future through the interpretation of urban cave art and graffiti sigils. In the twilight shadows of Cabbage Town I wandered aimlessly down the streets, searching for the phantasmal songs of Benjamin Smoke and found instead a gang of feral children playing with bottle rockets on Gaskill. Another Terminus Sunday dusk, spent insulated in solitude and wonder.

Angel of Cabbage Town

Parallel Zero

Angel fo the Cash Symbol Crucifix

Follow that Bliss

Urban Sacrifice

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Lightning and rainbows, that was my afternoon. Restless, needed to burn off some angst. Took my 'Baby' - my bike and went out for a spin believing the worst of the storm had passed. Ten minutes or so later, I was soaking wet under Troll Bridge on the bicycle trail adjacent to Freedom Parkway. Behind me to the west the sinking sun burned a milky gold behind the sky-rise bouquet centered on the city's horizon. Before me to the east, an advancing wall of gray with the plump rain lit up silver in the dwindling light and slashing down across the cold skin. Drenched. Shivering. Thunder as loud as the gods moving into their new upstairs apartment and the sky crackling with snapshot quick electric fractures. I dismounted Baby, stretched out and crouched.. Lit up a cigarette and surveyed the bridge ahead.

Only to stand there stunned at the sight of a rainbow shimmering out of the trail and up into the sky.

Last night I repeatedly shouted the words 'Fuck Death' to a silhouetted crowd, shaking and scared. Less than twenty four hours later I was stuck in a furious sun-shower thunder storm, hunkered for cover and staring at this prismatic mirage that for a split-second I sincerely believed would lead me to another life if I just wouldn't hesitate. A land spread wide and cast deep in the geography of symbol. Waiting just a quick dash away. But, hesitate I did. So, here I am. But at least I managed to get a few postcards of the trip.

Rainbow Bridge

Arch and Line

Proud City

A rainbow over Boulevard

Like the sunshine & the rain

Yellow Light and the rest of them...

Can't get there from here
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Random shots from the last two days:

Zada Space Invada

Hang Time

Bucket & Kettle Percussion


Pumped up Kicks

Drinkin' & Wrasslin'

Ruckus Out!

Til Someone Loses an Eye

Swing Shift

Rocking out w/the L5P Rock Star Orchestra

Magpie Suave

And the crowd goes wild

About the author

Full set here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jack_babalon/sets/72157630109771658/with/7179296271/
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The view from the shadows in Dusk City, USA
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Terminus: Long Day Done


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