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Savannah hipped me to this little number a while back and i've been hooked since. The Man In Black's Children Go Where I Send Thee - it's kinda become the opening credits to my black coffee mornings here on the Cube Farm. A gospel rockabilly whirlwind of infectous energy that just kickstarts my mood straight into overdrive. With its rousing chorus, driving beat and the best use of a countdown since the Femmes "Took one, one, cause you left me" - this folks is as close to a church as my heathen ass is likely to get*!

*-This doesn't include urban archaeological research, kitsch value or hiding from demonic entities that cannot enter holy ground.
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First, it's Clobberin' Time...

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Every time I used to spin a Halloween event you were guaranteed to hear these two songs in my set list. Seeing as how i'm happily retired (if not a bit nostalgic) here's two of my favorites.

The first one always reminds me of that episode of Father Ted where the Priest DJ shows up to spin some event on Craggy Island and only bought one ep with him, Ghost Town by The Specials, which he proceeds to play throughout the night... including during the National Anthem. I miss that show. Ladies and gentlemen...

When I was working for The Promoter at his night club back in the day, I wanted to pitch this song as a performance for one of the shows (I don't say it often enough, but it was working with that Vault/Chamber-era SR that got me intrested in the possibilities of theatre as a creative outlet... I know, I know... you didn't ask). The show itself (as I recall) was going to be a burlesque number with a woman dressed in some kind 1930's dapper devil drag and proceed to seduce an impoverished housewife of some type whose husband would be passed out drunk at the table (I figured the scene would be in a kitchen... a table, two chairs, should have done it in a pinch). I'm not sure how they would've done the 'red right hand' though... as a crimson glove perhaps or a little bit of make-up maybe?

Anyway without further ado... the one and only Nick Cave from one of his best albums (which is saying a lot), Let Love In:

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Here's a match made in Hell... Hieronymus Bosch and Buckethead. I know I may have posted this one before, but what the fuck, this one's called "Spokes for the Wheel of Torment"!

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Now let's leave Monster Island for a quick visit to sunny Racoon City. Much thanks to the always lovely [livejournal.com profile] retrofatale!

5 Scientific Reasons a Zombie Apocalypse Could Actually Happen

Meanwhile a little synthlicious action music by Goblin!
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Anyone detect a theme yet?

Destroy All Monsters: Hell March to Tokyo
Thrash guitars, grinding beats and giant monsters! If you had telepathy you'd probably see this video being played with the volume cranked up to 10 in my brain-theater an inordinate amount of the time. At work, while commuting on MARTA, waiting on line at the supermarket or while commiting unspeakable sexual acts in a rubber monster mask! (ohhh like you haven't!)

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You know ever since I saw them live years and years ago down in Miami, I always imagined that The Joker would look a lot like Nik Fiend in real life. When I first saw him (Nik) he just had this electrified stage presence that came off with the intensity of a bad acid trip at the circus with just a touch of that unique sex appeal that serial killers and nomadic preachers exude thrown in for good measure.
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Well i'm wrapping up this Friday before Halloween edition of "If you're bored of the planet Earth" with special musical guests... THE DAMNED!

Sadly the video I was actually looking for was their appearance on The Young One's(titled appropiately enough...as 'Nasty' and somehow still makes me laugh just remembering it!) This one will have to do however and it's no slouch my friends. It's one of those songs they used to play back at the clubs in Lauderdale all the time and too young to drink Jack would do his silly big boot dance for all the pretty vampire women (now that I think of it they don't really play much of the Damned, Christian Death, Sex Gang Children era stuff here in the ATL... maybe S4 or somebody should do a "The Other 80s Night"... then again maybe i'm just a graying scenester who bitches too much).

Anyhoo i'd like to pass the mike to Vanian and the gang for an old favorite of mine...

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While searching for one of my favorite Misfits songs ever (followed only by "Bullet" & "Astro-Zombies"), I found this little video montage of the Legendary B-Movie Monster Muse, Maila Nurmi aka the legendary Vampira. Check out her page here for autographs, memoribilla and a kick ass gallery. But enough from me, take it away Glenn & Jerry...

"Black dress moves in a blue movie
Graverobbers from outer space
Well, your pulmonary trembles in your outstretched arm
Tremble so wicked

Two inch nails
Micro waist
With a pale white feline face
Inclination eyebrows to there

Mistress to the horror kid
Cemetary of the white love ghoul, well
Take off your shabby dress
Come and lay beside me"

The original Vampira TV Show Opening from 1954 - Atomic Age Goth Hotness!

Haven't been able to post much due to a massive influx of work related... ummm work actually.
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So around this time of year I like to post some of favorite Halloween flavored videos. We'll start with the Zombie Rockabilly of The Cramps for now and later i'll hit it with some of my favorite Groovy Ghoulies such as The Misfits, Deadbolt, Vintage Damned and "Must've been freebasing in a Haunted House when they wrote this song" era Skinny Puppy.

But first, "You better ask my mama how to make a monster..."

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"Are you experienced"
Psychic TV w/Caresse p-orridge

This is a cover of Jimi Hendrix's "Are you experienced" as done by PTV, with vocals by Genesis P's daughter, Caresse.

Way back in the 20th century I had a copy of this on a VHS (this was a primitive video recording device that was powered by a talking prehistoric dinosaur, just like in the Flintstones... then the future came with digital and we had to euthanize all our appliances... sad really when you think about it, but I digress). Well naturally I lost the tape, but what was odd was that I could find no record of the song anywhere. Unless I had shown them the video when I had the tape no I had asked had even heard of a PTV Hendrix cover.

Eventually I forgot all about the mystery video/song that eluded me for so long.

Then last year, while working on The Invisible College with CW, we were slated to make our third episode the "psychedelic one" (which turned into a metaphor for Shamanism and Dante's Inferno... but that's another story) and were looking for a song number that could be incorporated into the play. I immediately remembered the PTV-Hendrix cover and thought that surely with the power of the interwebs and the popularity of youtube, that someone, out there in the ether must've posted it!

No, no one did and every permutation of engine search came up with nothing, not even a mention of it. If our companys resident Science-Pirate couldn't find it... then most likely it never existed!

Then, today, while searching Youtube for a completely different song by a completely different band, I saw the video scroll up in the related column. Well lo and behold... there it was, and thank god too because I was starting to believe my memory had made up the entire cover, video and song (I did this once to myself when I thought there was a version of the Damned's Alone again or covered by Johnny Cash... I don't know if I thought it was a good idea so my brain just filled in the details or if I really heard it... who knows?)

Anyway, enjoy...


Sep. 27th, 2007 06:47 pm
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Okay heading home for a three day weekend.

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For [livejournal.com profile] esmio06 who laments the rise of Macho Man Soviet Union.

I don't know if any other sketch of Robot Chicken's second season made me laugh as hard as this sketch. Rowdy Roddy Piper's "Hey, hey, hey ya fuckin' Nazi... how ya doin'" right before taking out the sentry with a pile driver just makes me warm and smiley all over.

In fact, just once i'd like to have some pig or suit mouthing off to me and be able to whistle and have R.R.Piper show up in a blaze of kilt wearin' whoop-ass!

Anyway, now back to your regularly scheduled blogs...
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... and bring on the German House remixes of Conan the Barbarian!

That's one thing I miss about going out clubbing, hearing those crazy Teutonic-Techno Epic dance tracks that usually sampled a creppy guy spraching der kraut, Vincent Price laughter and heavy doses of Gregorian chanting all layered carefully over some speed freak going apeshit on his 808 somewhere in the wilds of Berlin!

Sure I could listen to it at home... but it lacks the Wagnerian Uber-drama of hitting the floor at two in the morning while having to dodge a dozen or so drunk rivetheads, each of whom are doing their own unique interpertive dance outlining the rise and fall of the SS.

Good times, good times...
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A brief glimpse at five of the most influential super villains in my life with video clips to match. One cannot underestimate the profound effect each one of these men (and woman) have had on my ambitions, my career, my friendships, my art and yes... my love life.

1.diabolik )

2.Sho'nuff )

3.The Humongous )

4.Skeletor )

5. Destro & the Baroness )
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You know one of the most frequent questions I receive here on the world wide interwebs would have to be "Jack, what would happen if proto-industrial legends Einst├╝rzende Neubauten got really, really shitfaced one night and somehow gang banged HBO's comedy folk-duo The Flight of the Conchords?" Yes, I get asked a lot of seriously screwed up questions but more importantly than that, I have now have an answer: Meet Hurra Torpedo who are without a doubt the definitive Norwegian kitchen appliance band. Think of it as hot blooded Viking-Dada from the Scandinavian Peninsula. Here's their cover of the Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart.

Bonus round: Here's the previously mentioned Einst├╝rzende Neubauten reminding the world why the Germans remain some of the scariest mother fuckers in all of Europe.

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Todays dose is Ain't No Crime courtesy of Gogol Bordello, a Gypsy Punk band from New York's Lower East Side. I caught an interview with the lead singer on NPR last night and found some of the music they played off the album to be slightly reminiscent of The Pogues. Talent, raw energy, an infectious beat and the singer has a total porno moustache... what more could you want on a Thursday morning?

Well I can't just mention The Pogues though and not drop a personal favorite of mine in the mix: "If I Should Fall From Grace With God" (which sounds like the title of a Garth Ennis penned issue of Hellblazer or Preacher to me).

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"They're years ahead of us"~Homer Simpson

In America we have monkey cowboys that ride on the backs of dogs at rodeos. Which is not only an apt metaphor for American foriegn policy but also a lot of fun to watch! Meanwhile the Japanese have gone one better, they have trained chimpanzee's in the forbidden arts of the Iron-Chef (watch as this chimpanzee makes a noodle dish from scratch... meanwhile i'm baffled by anything that doesn't fit in a microwave). Also the chimpanzee enjoys walking his dog.

The line in Black Rain about how Japan "lost the war, but won the peace!" has never been so apt.
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Two from Amon Tobin.

The first one is a personal favorite of mine, "El-Wraith" off Out From Out Where. A lone Spanish guitar emerges out of a science fiction soundtrack and segues into a creepy bass crawl that always reminds me of robot monsters crawling out of the sand. I tend to think of this track as the shadow of Delerium's classic Silence... if songs could cast shadows I guess. The video itself is an amazing piece of stop motion animation depicting visions from a mysterious Chronopolis ruled by what looks like golem pharaohs of some kind.

Next up is "Keep Your Distance" from his latest album Foley Room. A delightfully sinister track made all the better by some clever video editing from the opening of the proto-rivethead cult classic Hardware. A movie that profoundly influenced my sense of aesthetics for over a decade (when I began working for my friend at his fetish club over at 688 I always had this movie in the back of my head). To this day I still wish I had the whole cowboy duster/gas mask get up so I could dress like an apocalyptic gunslinger or a member of Fields of the Nephilim.

But I digress. On with the video...

Daily Video

Aug. 9th, 2007 12:56 pm
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Fruity Oatey Bars Commercial from Serenity
Anyone else feel the subliminal urge to kick much ass?

Homer Simpson in Joy Divison's Atmosphere

Daily Video

Aug. 8th, 2007 02:47 pm
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EL-P w/Trent Reznor

Another Definitive Jux artist. I'll admit there's not much hip-hop i'm into but I really dig the 'what' behind the mans lyrics (while remaining impressed with the wordflow acrobatics of the 'how'). Some favorites include No Such Thing As Accidents, Step Father Factory & Deep Space 9mm. This though is my favorite video of his so far... off the album I'll sleep when you're dead.
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What I really dig about this is how the video actually works with the track, with it's white hooded mystery cult out of one of those classic Brit early 70's horror films with a kind of David Lynch twist to it. I can't believe I missed this guy the first time around. A smooth combination of driving beats with ambient atmospherics stirred gently with some laid back scratching & clever sampling, reminds me of a pre-Hyphy DJ Shadow (sorry but I am a fan of albums not artists). This track is off RJD2's first album, 2002's Deadringer.

But if Trip-Hop's not your thing and you wanna kick it old school one time, maybe you need a little dose of the Rhymenoceros & Hiphopopatamus (better known as The Flight of the Conchords, a surprisingly funny new HBO series that kinda reminds me of the Mighty Boosh meets Napeleon Dynamite. I've only seen the first seven episodes but so far the hype is well deserved.

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