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I ask myself the same thing every day, Aquaman... the same exact thing.

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Go Navy

Either this is from an old issue of Mister Miracle or Jack Kirby somehow tapped into what my subconscious mind looked like back when I was single and in the Navy.

Oh, Female Furies, you were the template for so many of the ladies I would come to love and lust over the decades.
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"Back in my day we didn't need no special mutant powers or fancy suits of robot armor to fight criminal wrong-doings. No sir, all a man needed was a domino mask, a belt full of trained bees and a little thing my generation used to call Balls!"

red bee 1
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Comic Book Wednesday: Even as a kid one thing always baffled me about Henry Pym (aka Ant-Man, Yellow Jacket, Giant Man, etc) and that was why with the power to shrink a person down to the size of an insect you would use that on yourself to fight the occasional super-villain instead of... oh I don't know, on your fucking opponent maybe.

Seriously, can you imagine the next time an Ultron or Loki make an apperance to destroy prime real-estate in New York or just generally annihilate the humans when all of a sudden the Avengers show up to save the day.

Captain America: "Okay troops here's the plan. I want Hawkeye and Iron Man to lay down covering fire, while I lead the rest of the team on a frontal attack. Then when he's distracted we'll have Thor and Ms. Marvel swoop down from behind for a surprise assault and maybe... just maybe we can stop this maniac with a minimum of several dozen civilian casualties."

Hank Pym: "Good plan, Cap... but on the other hand I could just fly on over towards Ultron, spill some 'Pym Particles' on that bitch and when he's about the size of a pea... we'll have Thor step up from behind and start whacking him several dozen times with his hammer until all that's left of Ultron is an Adamantium dime."

Other Avengers: "Shit, why didn't we just do that the first time?"

Conversely, why not just use those same 'Pym Particles' that turn old ordinary human Hank into a lumbering twelve story giant and douse Thor or the Hulk with them instead so the next time Galactus shows up feeling all 'snackish' for Earth sized planets he can try picking on someone his own size.

Thor: "Verily Galactus, you hath doth fucked-up... Big Time!" (throws a Mjolnir that is now roughly the size of an SUV straight to the Big G's pimp-cup helmet.)

And yes, I realize that this is exactly why I'll probably never get to write the Avengers.

Okay, if you're all done yelling - "Neeeeerrrrrrd!"- at me I'll move on.

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Aquaman begins his day with a balanced breakfast followed by a vigorous round of underwater hentai from an octopus waiter.

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I'm imagining this is an excerpt from the comic book biography of Phillip K Dick illustrated by original Spider-Man artist Steve Ditko. That this comic book doesn't actually exist doesn't subtract from its overall awesomeness.

Geek Life:

Feb. 6th, 2015 10:04 pm
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Saw some of the new titles DC Comics is planning for their summer re-boot after the so-so reaction the last three years of 'The New 52' has garnered. Amongst those looking most interesting to me is a Dazzler-esque reimagining of the Black Canary. I can only imagine she's doing a cover of "She's Lost Control Again" on the cover here.


Jan. 1st, 2015 04:03 am
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Everything I ever wanted to know about sex I learned from Marvel Comics in the 70s.

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I like how Charlie Brown looks kinda like he dressed up as the Watchman's Rorschach. "Hrm. There's no Great Pumpkin, Linus. Just the relentless cesspool of the void from which we come."

"Jesus, Charlie Brown. Have you been snorting crushed Smarties again?"

"This city is afraid of me, Linus.Afraid of me."


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