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Awhile back my good friend, the Magpie, handed me a stack of some of his favorite CDs and asked me to burn him a mix on my then new VDJ program. Several months passed before I got around to it, adding in a few of my own tracks before what finally emerged is not so much a 'mix tape'... but rather a portrait of a close friend as 'drawn' with a collage of songs. It begins with an introspective melancholy that builds up slowly into a burst of sexual bravado and a patriot's sense of cival disobedience. So in this case it's sort of what it's like to go out drinking with the Magpie.

Unfortunately the mix runs at 704mb... exactly 4mb too large for me to burn onto a CD for him. Wauk-wauk-wauk-waaaaa. So the best I can do is post it online and hope he (or someone he knows) can find a way of downloading it.

Download here.

Set list below:

Love Will Tear Us Apart - Nouvelle Vague
Rebel Rebel - Seu Jorge
Whispered Words (Pretty Lies) - Dan Auerbach
Speed Trials - Elliott Smith
Phoebe Cates - The Sads
Coin Operated Boy - The Dresden Dolls
Alabama Song - The Doors
Viva Discordia - That Handsome Devil
She's Not There - The Zombies
96 Tears - ? & the Mysterians
Highway 61 - Bob Dylan
Run Run Run - Velvet Underground
Chess, Trout Fishin' & Marijuana - The Chudacek
Hey Boy - Billy Nayer Show
Rolling - Soul Coughing
Verklemmt - Foetus
Get Down Make Love - NIN
Pro-Test - Skinny Puppy
99 Problems - Jay Z
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Had fun spinning for the 'Zen Room' last night, working my mp3 magick for an audience of one. Brief set, clocked it just over an hour so I could burn it to CD later (my VDJ only holds one set for some reason). Got to indulge myself with a bit of psychic zero gravity free fall instead of diving into the usual bouts of kinetic dancefloor frenzy. Still working the kinks out of my skills on the virtual decks but ambient/trip-hop sets usually makes for easy mixing (you really don't have to sweat the beat matching as much). Also they can make for some exhilirating rides across head space... especially under artifically flavored perceptions.

Anway set list behind the cut for whoever's interested.

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Found this at the Disinfo.com page on myspace (check them out here...disinformation) who got it via a great post by Justine Sharrock over at Mother Jones

"Music has been used in American military prisons and on bases to induce sleep deprivation, 'prolong capture shock', disorient detainees during interrogations—and also drown out screams. Based on a leaked interrogation log, news reports, and the accounts of soldiers and detainees, here are some of the songs that guards and interrogators chose."

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Some Saturday nights are best spent in solitude, sitting up here in the 'Witch House', drinking a cheap bottle of french table wine and DJing for my favorite audience of all: Me. I like to think of these 'invisible sets' as a mixture of the memes we all post here occasionally, an audio rorschach test with just a dash of the self revelatory symbolism of various occult divinatory systems, such as the tarot, thrown in for good measure. It's like taking a musical snapshot of your mood, your psychological disposition and whatever nuances of cultural idiosyncrasies have become dominant at this particular moment of your life.

Or maybe it's just the wine talking, the drunken ramblings of just another Byronic Man.

Anyway, to make things interesting (to me at least) i've decided to post the set but using only snatches of lyrics rather than song titles to do so. See how many you recognize. If anyone should happen to ask, i'll be happy to post the list by their more traditional signifier.

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