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I often look at my jeans and realize that I have no lightning bolts on any of them. Which it can be argued is the lamest number of lightning bolts a man can have on his jeans. How else am I going to pull my Ziggy Stardust meets Che Guevara street gang look?
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It was a golden summer in Reagan's America, but after having found a dead body in the woods, the Midvale High Daryl Hall & John Oates Appreciation Society would never quite be the same.
Kenny (L) - Is now a part time assistant manager at Arby's and a full time doomsday prepper.
Phil (M) - Was a successful businessman until the Beanie Baby bubble crashed in the mid 90s.
Mikey (R) - Finally found true love in the Midvale BDSM community and recreational morphine use.
Mark (B) - Parlayed his 'totally sweet ninja moves' into a career as a hedge fund manager.

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"Let me tell you something about Success, son. She is a cruel eye-ball eating whore, who will make you crawl across broken glass before she finds you fit enough to lick the blood from her boots!"
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"Fashion is as profound and critical a part of the social life of man as sex, and is made up of the same ambivalent mixture of irresistible urges and inevitable taboos."
~ Rene Konig

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~ Nothing quite says Viva Hate like waltzing into the pit at the Agnostic Front show
while rocking the Moz front and center. However one should know that as operatic as the ensuing boot check might have been, having the balls to say 'fuck it' in the first place will never go out of style!
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The following are excerpts from Albert Round's forgotten classic - "The Casual Killer". Some of the only excerpts in fact. Published by Drunken Mockingbird press in 1977 the book soon disappeared under circumstances of a mysterious nature and as such only scattered pages of the work have been discovered in mid-western garage sales and occasionally folded between the shelves at various used book stores. Though popularly believed to be a dadaistic field manual to hand-to-hand combat by an eccentric performance artist, there is another school of thought making the compelling argument that The Casual Killer was actually the coded ravings of a former black-ops sleeper agent whose mind had been scrambled by excessive exposure to the MK-Ultra program. Of course these are just theories. What is not a theory however is the fate of the author, whose charred corpse was found hanging in a Lauri Anderson gallery opening... exactly twelve years after disappearing shortly before the initial publication of his sole book.

15: Stranglation with tie - "A THOUSAND MORE YEARS O KALI!".
12: Pin a white rose through the lapel until you puncture the heart - repeat as needed.
13: Tear the arm off at at the socket and beat your opponent with the severed limb.
10: Punch a hole through chest and apply the 'Rhode Island Spine Strangler'.
7: Insert angel-dust and LSD induced ferrets up pants leg.
6: Repeated kicks to the groin with ice-skates.

1: Quickly tear the throat chakra (VISHUDA) out with a steady fist.
2: The Sweet, Sweet Kiss of Death.

9: Decapitation.
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Because there's just not enough time to tell everyone that you've finally decided to stop fucking yourself over.

There are few things as fetching on a young man as a cigarette and a domino mask.

What's the hottest look in cosplay this year? Why PedoFurry club wear with a Spider-Man Bannana sling of course!

One of the best ways to stay warm this winter is to dress like one of the creatures that haunted you during your last 'bad trip'. A guaranteed conversation starter.

Add a little pizzaz to your next WoW session with a pair of silver boxers and your little sisters tank top... especially if you happen to look like an anemic Carrot Top.

I'm sure this is going to be the equivalent of all those 'Frankie Says' shirts I saw back in the 80's (for younger readers the 80's was the decade were 43% of all current retro comes from).

Ask any member of The Tokyo Super-Adventure Club for Kids and they'll tell you that handguns, binoculars and walkie-talkies make the best fashion accessories.
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Any combination of the following...

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"Theres a brand new dance but I dont know its name
That people from bad homes do again and again
Its big and its bland full of tension and fear
They do it over there but we dont do it here

Fashion! Turn to the left...

Fashion! Turn to the right...

Ooohhhh, fashion!

We are the goon squad and we're coming to town...



Listen to me - dont listen to me

Dance with me - don't dance with me, no

There's a brand new talk, but it's not very clear

Oh bop
That people from good homes are talking this year
Oh bop, fashion

It's loud and tasteless and i've heard it before
Oh bop

You shout it while you're dancing on the ole dance
Oh bop, fashion


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